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Tom Rhodes

Tom Rhodes

Tom Rhodes is a world traveling comedian who is now celebrating his 30th year as a stand up comedian.  The New York Times  describes him as “A mostly natural intellect with a knack for reporting the harsh realities of life with a dark and absurdly optimistic cynicism.”

An adventurer forging his own path, Rhodes has built a career that not only includes stand-up specials,  a sitcom,  a travel show,  a late night talk show,  numerous live CD’s & DVD’s,  his critically acclaimed podcast Tom Rhodes Radio,  as well as being a travel writer for the Huffington Post.

Fresh from releasing his new hour special Light Sweet Crude  on Netflix Rhodes has had a long raucous career covering every corner of the globe.  His latest TV recording on Comedy Central Comedy Underground with Dave Attell will be airing in 2014. In 2012 Rhodes was featured in the Showtime stand-up series,  Live From Amsterdam (2012).  His three half hour stand-up specials include two Comedy Central Presents (2009 & 2001) and Raw,  recorded in Stockholm for Swedish television (2009).  He had his own sitcom television show on NBC called Mr. Rhodes (1996 – 1997),  his own Late Night Talk show on Dutch television  Kevin Masters starring Tom Rhodes  (2002 – 2003),  and traveled the world as a TV presenter on the Dutch travel program  Yorin Travel (2004).

His latest LIVE recording as a double CD Colossus of Me released in 2012.  In 2009 named his DVD Rhode Scholar  the Number One Comedy DVD of 2009.  As a featured travel writer for Huffington Post his travel story ‘A Tragedy, A Miracle And A Brawl…Welcome to Ireland’ got awarded by the Huffington Post one of the Top 10 Best Travel Stories of 2011.

His podcast Tom Rhodes Radio was named one of the Top 10 of Best Podcasts of 2011 by Matador Network and was praised as the best newcomer in The Onion AV’s Club (December 2012). Since 2013 Tom Rhodes Radio joined Bill Burr’s & Al Madrigal’s All Things Comedy Network.  Tom has been a guest on  The Joe Rogan Experience (#248, 364, 420 & 500),  The Adam Corolla ShowMarc Maron’s WTFAisha Tyler’s Girl On GuyLondon RealThe Artie Lange ShowRon & Fez ShowNPR Snap Judgment.

Carlos Valencia

Carlos Valencia

Carlos Valencia’s first time on stage was at a competition where the prize was a week-long booking on a cruise ship. He lost categorically and he is still yet to set foot on a cruise ship, but six years later Valencia has performed in 30+ states from Washington to Florida in comedy clubs, colleges, casinos, taverns, watering holes, speakeasys, roadhouses, bars (both In and On), punk rock clubs, country dance halls, metalhead dives, hip-hop joints, diners, bowling centers, back alleys, churches, bathhouses, and just about every nightmarish scenario a comedy booker can concoct.

Needless to say, Carlos drinks quite a bit. Based out of Atlanta, GA, for the past few years Carlos has been traveling around the United States on his solo “Countdown to Suicide” Comedy Tour, scheduled to end when the Prozac runs out, or his liver gives in.

Mike Mercury

Mike MercuryWith almost 18 years of experience studying, learning and practicing the art of funny, Mike Mercury exemplifies what it is to be a professional stand-up comedian. 12 years of touring and over 2500 shows have shaped him into a masterful technician of a craft he clearly relishes. His urbane exterior and delivery belie his somewhat cynical everyman-with-an-edge persona yet he never forgets to emphasize the fun in funny

An ear for turning the everyday into something sublime, Mike Mercury offers up a dazzling combination of subtle insights, clever word play and lightening-quick wit that will leave you asking yourself, "How does he do that?"

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