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Russ Williamson

Russ Williamson

Born and raised in New Jersey Russ Williamson moved to Chicago in 2005 to try his luck at stand up comedy. Since then he's played Chicago's biggest rooms and has worked with stand up's biggest names. Look for him in the fall on the Starz series BOSS and the movie Contagion out September 9th.

Paul Strickland

Paul StricklandPaul Strickland is a writer and performer.

Cranky every second but loving every minute of it, Paul is generally unimpressed with the world around him, but knows that if you look at anything long enough, you can find something to appreciate in it. †††

Paul has been accused of being "seriously funny" but his work is best described as "funny seriously." †He is the lovable grumbler in everyone's life, but he's rather good at it, which is why they charge admission. †He is not the "funny guy at the office." †He is the guy who makes fun of the "funny guy at the office" because that guy gave himself that title and everybody knows it.

Paul is passionate about his writing and performing. "I firmly believe that making people laugh at themselves and their world is a good way to help them escape while, hopefully, gaining some perspective on what they're escaping from, and distracting them from the fact that I just took their money." †††

Jackson Jones

Jackson Jones

Not only is he currently the host of the morning show "Jackson and Ashley" on Q106, Jackson Jones is a hillbilly with a heart of gold. His fast paced comedy is taken from life experiences of dating strippers, being a father, and looking like a meth cook.  Originally from Indianapolis but now a madisonian, Jacksons charming souther accent and quick style of speaking reminds one of a deep voiced "Boomhauer".  His constant and uncontrollable narcissism and never ending desire for attention keeps him coming to the stage along with the fact that he doesn't know how to do anything else.  People who have seen Jackson Jones perform have been quoted as saying "I'm thirsty". "I like his hat".  "Tacos are a good idea". And "He's twice as funny as he is attractive".      

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