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Ian Edwards

Ian Edwards

Ian Edwards was born in England and raised in Jamaica. His family moved to NY when he was 17.  The United States is a great place to live, but not when you have a third world accent and are friendless.  While he was literally slanging burgers at Burger King in East Meadow, Long Island, he turned to see his co-workers laughing.  Another employee Greg Ellis had them on the floor in stitches.  Everyone loved Greg, because he was funny, and when you worked with him, he made an 8-hour shift fly by.  That's when it hit Ian.  He needed to tap into his funny side. In England and Jamaica he was a funny kid, but somehow he’d forgotten that part of him. From then on he became the second funniest person at Burger King.  He even made the prince, Greg laugh. One day a customer whose order he’d taken at the drive thru, told him he was funny, and should try stand up. He was 21, and needed to do something with his life.  Ian went down to Governors Comedy Club and bombed his ass off. He put on a clinic of, what not to do. Only one joke worked, because he managed to say it right. So Ian figured, once he controlled his nerves, he'd be all right.


Most recently, Ian released his debut album 100% Half Assed on Conan O’Brien’s new record label, Team Coco Records.  Ian is the first comedian that they chose to sign to the label and launch this new venture with.  The outlets thus far that have interviewed Ian and/or reviewed his album include Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times Magazine, Forbes, Huffington Post, Paste Magazine, Marvel Comics, Thought Catalogue, The Onion AV Club, LA Weekly, Penthouse Magazine, Uptown Magazine, Exlaim!, along with television appearances on Conan and @Midnight and radio interviews on NPR’s Bullseye with Jesse Thorn and Kroq’s Kevin and Bean Show

Ian was a full time staff writer on season 1 of the new hit ABC show Black-ish, just wrote punch-up on Ice Cube’s Barbershop 3, and has been brought on in an advisory/consultant role for Jerrod Carmichael’s new show for NBC – they have brought Ian on for the first 5 weeks to help them break story lines and really build out and create this world where the show will live. Ian can next be seen in Sean Baker’s feature Tangerine, which just premiered at Sundance to rave reviews and was purchased by Magnolia for theatrical distribution this summer. Furthermore, Ian wrote punch-up and was a consultant on the hit CBS show Two Broke Girls, was a writer/Supervising Producer on season 3 of the Adult Swim show Black Dynamite and appeared in the Jeff Garlin feature, Dealing with Idiots, opposite JB Smoove. . 


 In previous years Ian was a regular cast member on season 6 of MTV’s hit show Punk’d, was a writer on shows such as SNL, Cartoon Network’s The Boondocks and MTV’s The Lyricist Lounge, and performed as a stand-up on shows such as HBO’s Bad Boys of Comedy, Showtime’s Live Nude Comedy and the Comedy Death Ray Album.  Furthermore, Ian just launched and hosts two of his own podcasts on two of the best comedy/podcast networks.  Soccer Comics is housed on the All Things Comedy Network, partnered with and The Preposterous Sessions is housed on The DeathSquad Network. 


In addition, Ian has been invited to perform at some of the more prestigious festivals such as Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, HBO’s Aspen Comedy and Arts Festival, Edinburgh, Bridgetown, San Francisco Sketchfest, Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin and Jeff Garlin and Michael Moore’s festival, Traverse City Winter Comedy Arts Festival.  Ian also has had jokes featured in The New York Post and Time Out Los Angeles last year.  


Davey Wester

Davey Wester

Born and raised in a small town in washington state, davey brings an honesty to stage that everyone can relate with.  his endearing personality, outrageous life experiences, and connection with the audience combine for a true one of a kind must see performance.
A 15 year veteran of the comic game, davey has truly earned his place amongST the most memorable and unique comedians whoM have honed their craft. 
Davey is a spotlight performer at the historic comedy STORE in hollywood california and is one of a short list of notable names to have been passed at the venue.  he has worked with and along side of entertainment's elite including but not limited to; robin williams, brett butler, bill burr, bobby lee, chris deliah, whitney cummings, tony kaye, thomas jane, larry david, "rowdy" roddy piper, and recently in seattle with russel peters.  currently featured in television, film, and on stage; davey's character, likability, delivery, and experience leave a lasting and worthy impression on everyone who has the pleasure of seeing him perform. 

Aristotle Athiras

Aristotle Athiras

Aristotle Athiras Bio written by the Athiras Writing Team LLC International
Aristotle Athiras is a Los Angeles-based standup comedian, actor and director.
While working as a director (on comedy specials, commercials and TV) Aristotle jumps on stage to perform stand up
comedy, sits at a desk to write stuff and jumps in front of a camera for a good manufactured cry. He is also 1/4 th of the
popular brown sketch group Goatface where he, Hasan Minhaj (The Daily Show), Asif Ali (Wrecked) and Fahim
Anwar (Seeso, WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT) created popular sketches for the web and soon for TV. Now here are
other bios about Aristotle written by other.
Aristotle Athiras Bio written by his Mom
I tink he very good boy, he have always something in his brain to do for future. My English not so good.
Aristotle Athiras Bio written by his Dad
He does what?
Aristotle Athiras Bio written by his Dog
Please excuse any typos or lack of command for the English language. For reasons I don’t need to mention, it’s not my
strong suit. I will tell you what I know about Aristotle and from there you may formulate your own opinion about him
and what he brings to the table.
When Aristotle focuses, it’s very much like how I zero in on food or lower chain animal or my tail – he can’t be
I’ve seen him do everything imaginable in the world of production from directing to editing. In essence, you would be
hard pressed to catch him unprepared – I try it all the time to no avail. He’s good…..very good…,but one day he will
slow down. His limbs will sway heavy and the need to rest his eyes will grow stronger and stronger in preparation to
sleep the long sleep and when that day comes...I will feast the long feast.

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