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Chris Redd

Chris Redd

CHRIS is an exciting actor, writer, standup, sketch and improv performer. In Film, CHRIS can currently be
seen in a very flashy role opposite Andy Samberg in the Universal Feature POP STAR: NEVER STOP
NEVER STOPPING produced by Judd Apatow. He plays Andy's rapper nemesis Hunter The Hungry.

Next up, he will be seen in fun roles opposite Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell in the New Line / Gary Sanchez
film THE HOUSE, the Netflix film A FUTILE AND STUPID GESTURE opposite Will Forte, and he is the lead
of the independent comedy FAT CAMP. 

In TV, CHRIS has been cast as a series regular opposite Kath Bates in DISJOINTED, Netflix’s pot-themed
multi camera workplace comedy from Chuck Lorre. Redd will be featuring his half hour stand-up set on
Comedy Central’s series “Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents”. He can be seen in Season 2 of the Netflix
series LOVE and appears in Jake Amir’s new digital series LONELY AND HORNY on Vimeo .

He previously starred in the ABC pilot FAMILY FORTUNE created by Matt Hubbard, Tina Fey and Robert
Carlock, and in Lou Wallach’s UNT SKETCH COMEDY PILOT for NBC. Additionally, CHRIS was featured as a
Standup New Face last summer at JFL Montreal. Originally from Chicago CHRIS was a frequent performer at Second City, iO, The Annoyance and The Playground.

Marty Derosa

Marty Derosa

With his quick wit and versatile voice, Marty DeRosa has blended his talent for stand up comedy and his love of pro wrestling to become a favorite of critics, fans, and Twitter followers alike.

As a founding member of Comedians You Should Know, the premier independently run stand up showcase in Chicago, DeRosa has had a #1 comedy album on itunes and has been recognized as an emerging talent by Time Out Chicago. He performs stand up all over the country which lead him to a partnership with pro wrestler Colt Cabana.

Together they produce and perform Creative Has Nothing For You, a weekly series poking fun of the behind the scenes world of professional wrestling. CHNFY has been featured in Britain's Fighting Spirit Magazine and has many devoted international and US fans.

The duo also collaborate on $5 Wrestling, a series of DVDs, keeping their cult following thoroughly entertained. In the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000, riffed and improvised commentary makes the wrestling they showcase “So bad, it's good!” $5 Wrestling recently made it's debut on pay-per-view.

Wrestling With Depression, DeRosa's critically acclaimed podcast, is an honest and humorous series of interviews with fellow comedians, wrestlers, and performers, reconciling the creative process with the daily struggle of depression. It has been profiled by Time Out Chicago, Comedy of Chicago and The Onion's AV Club.

No matter the venue, comedy club or back of the bar showcase, Marty DeRosa has solidified himself as a professional performer sure to make you laugh. Don't forget to follow him on Twitter, y'all!

Esteban Touma

Esteban Touma

Originally from Ecuador, Esteban Touma is a comedian, writer, teacher, and a conditional permanent resident of the United States who is considering applying for citizenship, so everything he says or writes might be monitored by the Customs and Border Protection Agency.

Esteban has been performing comedy all over the Midwest and in his home country, Ecuador. He LOVES the United States and freedom. He has opened for nationally recognized comedians such as Carl Labove and Wyatt Cenac. He supports American pie in 3 different formats: song, movie, and desert.

Some of his comedy comes from the perspective of a part Palestinian/part Latino living in the United States. However, he would never dare to openly criticize or otherwise engage in political activities that may compromise the values of his host country, and thus risk delays, processing fees, or even deportation.

He was a finalist in Madison’s Funniest Comic 2016, he’s the host of The Moth StorySLAM, an open-mic storytelling competition held in 25 cities all around the world, and he has earned both a tourist and student visa before getting a Green Card by a good faith marriage.

The U.S. Government has officially declared that he’s an “authorized legal alien with a reentry permit.”

Catch up with him at his blog,, or follow him on twitter (@metouma).

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