The Big Deuce

The Big Deuce Open Mic
Every Wednesday @ 9pm

SIGN UP IS FROM 2PM UNTIL 8PM. You must sign up in person on the day of the show.

The format for The Big Deuce Open Mic is not like your normal open mic. We usually have around 50 comics that sign up to try and perform from here in Madison and the surrounding areas like Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis. We only put on 20-25 comics per show. That being said, you are not guaranteed to perform just for signing up. To increase your chances of performing we suggest that you bring friends along to add to the crowd. Each comedian will get 3-5 minutes to perform.

2016- Charlie Kojis
2015- Geoffrey Asmus
2014-Stacey Kulow
2013- David Fisher
2012- Bryan Morris
2011 – Mike Schmidt
2010 – Sean Moore
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