YONDR FAQ - Comedy on State


What is Yondr?

Yondr creates smart device-free spaces for comedy shows. The Yondr system is a simple solution to a technological problem that allows you to maintain possession of your phone at all times. These pouches are utilized for some, but not all shows at Comedy on State.

What is a phone-free show?

A phone-free show allows artists and audiences to enjoy the performance without distraction, creating a better experience for everyone. No cell phones, smart watches, cameras or recording devices are permitted in the performance area.

How does it work?

Upon arrival at the venue, all phones, smart watches, and any other smart devices, are placed in Yondr cases by our staff and will be unlocked at the end of the show. Guests maintain possession of their device at all times and may access phones in the designated Phone Use Areas throughout the venue at any time. Phones will then be unlocked immediately after the performance upon exit from the venue.

What is a Phone Use Area?

Guests are able to use their phones at designated Phone Use Areas within the venue. All phones must be secured in a Yondr case before guests re-enter the performance space.

I didn’t know about the phone policy. What if I don’t want to lock my phone?

This is the show policy, and as a result we cannot allow entry to any guests with cell phones or smart watches if they are not secured in a Yondr case. For Yondr designated shows, you MUST lock your device in a pouch. If you do not want to lock up your device, you may take it to your vehicle and return to the venue.

What if I need to use my device during the performance?

You may exit the showroom at anytime to find a staff member who can unlock the Yondr case for you.